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Eva I think there is a typo in the following paragraph:

"(It is also my experience that trans-identified people in the latter camp are less likely to insist that they have a “gender identity” and more likely to view themselves as having a mental disorder—gender dysphoria—that they are managing as best as they can)."

I think you meant to say "in the former camp"? Or did I misunderstand this?

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I really agree with the second half, but the first half doesn't sound like you! I disagree that "Helping people develop a greater internal locus of control has long been a goal of psychotherapy" because most of the therapists I've known want to keep people dependent on them for their own sense of power and also to keep the money flowing to them. They also have been far more of what I would consider mentally ill than non-therapists. And I think they are a major part of the problem with encouraging this entire trans con and mess. So many therapists are feeding off people in the worst ways, and yet are often given status and worship as if they are a modern religion. (A friend explaining why she trusts someone she barely knows who I do not trust at all, based on years' experience, says "she's a therapist," as if that explains why this person is wiser than either of us. I have so many therapist horror stories.)

Also, anything that requires learning new terminology to understand what we are talking about automatically makes an elitist structure that keeps the less privileged out and moves the awareness from thinking in terms of politics to being personal. There is no reason really to talk about "locus of control." "Those with an internal locus of control are more resilient, motivated, and independent, have a higher capacity for self-control, are better able to manage stress, and enjoy overall higher levels of mental and physical health" are those who are more likely to have grown up very privileged without the worries and stress that those more oppressed have. Classism, which used to be accepted as existing and fought by Feminists, now is often erased from any mention of other issues affecting people. (It's so bad now that a board member of a large supposedly feminist organization said to me over the phone after reading some of my book, "You say you're working class but you sound intelligent." Trying to stop classism is almost impossible when most of the class privileged just think they are superior and expect everyone else to agree.)

So if we don't have enough money to live on, a place to live, decent medical care, etc. it's our own fault. Blaming the unequal power structure of patriarchy is better than blaming the victims. And it also gives us a way to focus on making things more equal for Lesbians, women, and all people.

The second half of your post I really agree with, but for the men in the trans cult, they often are the most privileged, yet pretend to be victims, and expect women and Lesbians to care for them to where they have managed to take over almost everything we have built for over half a century, and still it will never be enough. They want access to our very bodies, and would like to skin us and wear our skin if we say no.

I don't agree with their complaints about "gender dysphoria" since most don't want to be women but want access to Lesbians and fetishize us. (The girls and women claiming to be men are a whole other issue in that why wouldn't females want the respect, power and privilege, but also safety and comfort that men have?)

I definitely agree with your saying "I don’t believe there is any such thing as “true” trans." But I don't think anyone identifying as trans in any way can't be harming females because the game they are playing is innately female-hating - -Just as there are no nice non-racist Rachel Dolezals.

I think it's essential to keep it all simple and never play along and always say no to whatever game they want us to join in to stop their throwing trans tantrums. Making it more complicated won't help us stop them, sadly. But continuing to fight this con, like you are doing, is so important. You are saving lives....

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