I was just listening to someone in the Arab military intelIigence world saying that it’s better to focus on amplifying good information and it’s a misallocation of resources to focus on the fact that something is crappy because the important thing is to try to appeal to the fence sitters.

Also generally it’s stupid to get mad and malting a thing because that’s what the objective is to rage farm and make you stupid. Angry people are dumb and make bad choices.

Look, you aren’t free if you let some freaky stranger who makes sh1t up for dopamine hits control your mood.

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Dec 14, 2023·edited Dec 14, 2023Liked by Eva Kurilova

One of the best ways to stop letting the internet make you angry is having - and using - the ability to block people who have shown themselves to be insufferable. Whether by oversight or out of the naive belief that readers would conduct themselves impeccably in their communications with one another, Substack failed give its commenters the option of shutting off disagreeable voices. Substack may have started off as a platform for and by the highbrows among us, but by now there's no shortage of jerks.

Yes, there's the option to report offensive comments to a moderator, but that tool isn't backed up by terms of conduct. If a user doesn't know the community's rules, they're unable to cite a rule violation to the moderator as a reason for taking down a comment or suspending or banning the commenter.

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That was thought provoking for me. I've had a lot of online conversations with people I disagree with and it's never made me angry. It's almost like the angrier they get, the more detached I get (which reminds me now of meetings I used to go to, people would often talk about how angry they got driving, and again, I never did). So I wonder if my natural anger-meter is just set really low. Or maybe there's something a bit wrong with me.

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