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The term "community" as it is used in progressive and woke circles today is a political fiction. It is premised on the identitarian falsehood that race, ethnicity, gender identity or queerness trump every other characteristic a person might possess. People who belong to the same identity group are assumed to share a particular political leaning and the values, attitudes and beliefs that go along with it.

The fiction's greatest utility lies in vesting leftist activists with unearned and illegitimate political power to speak for people who have likely never heard of them and who would probably never give them their vote. In turn, progressive politicians go along with the fiction and use their legislative and executive powers to create programs or provide other benefits to the "______ (fill in the blank) community."

That could well be one of the reasons elected officials and local governments are all in on queer and trans now while largely ignoring their lesbian, gay and bisexual constituents. In the worst-case scenario, which is not uncommon, "queers" have displaced gays, lesbians and bisexuals both in the lexicon and in progressive culture if not the progressive imaginary.

By the way, has anyone ever heard a left-of-center activist refer to "the White community"?

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“P” as in Poseur.

What’s amusing as a gay man is that it’s so easy to “out” fake gays. In remembrance of the late great Reverend Boyd McDonald (a Harvard-educated pornographer, of “Straight To Hell” fame, look it up dare you) when you encounter an annoying male gay-manqué “2SLGBTQIA+” person, just ask them as tastelessly and archly as possible: when they give blowjobs if they are annoyed when their trick won’t allow them to use their hands. Almost all gay and bi men will smile, or guffaw and likely talk at length about the pluses and minuses of a hands-free trick.

Heterosexual men will often stutter and hem and haw. In my experience almost all “2SLGBTQIA+” men are actually heterosexual, and would collapse at the thought of actually having sex with a man. Personally, I respect no boundaries with “2SLGBTQIA+” and find publicly outing them as straight enormously entertaining, but then I’m old school - I think that calling yourself gay or bi means you are a man who has sex with men, and anything else being a poseur.


My instincts tell me that it’s also true for women; feminists had such a hard time with Lesbians, and god forbid the Lesbian was a butch into Leather. Kisses to Gayle Rubin.

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