I am coming out tonight.

My gender is "employee".

It took literally decades of staring at doors to arrive at the truth, and why I felt excluded from so much of public life, so semi-suicidal at simply walking around a hospital, an airport, a zoo.

When you see it once, you realize it is everywhere.

"Employees Only."

I ask, nay demand entry rights to

1. Nuclear Facilities

2. Gun Ranges

3. Prisons

4. Disneyland, particularly Haunted Mansion

5. Apple Cuperino

6. Football Stadium Lockerrooms

7. CDC BioweResearch Labs

8. Area 51

9. BSL-4 Labs

10. Saturday Live Night Stage.


If women were to self-declare male and walk -as groups- into men's locker rooms nationally, and simply say "so that's what shrinkage is", you'd see a ban on mixed sex facilities so fast your head would spin.

It's called "asymmetrical warfare"

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I so agree. It seems clear to me that this is male supremacy and female-hating at its extreme. I knew the men perving on us had invaded our Lesbian communities decades ago, but they had very little power (though still had way more than real Lesbians), because most Lesbians said no to them, but now they have bullied women into supporting them, shaming women who say no, and what looks to me like parasitizing women to betray all females for them (much as some animals who are parasitized then work for who is infecting them against their own kind.)

It's like a bizarre science fiction story, except it's very real. I do think protecting us by law is the only thing that will work, but how? Meanwhile, we could stop most of this if women would just stop supporting them, playing the game of giving them our pronouns, pretending they are oppressed, etc.

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How often do we hear about a “trans man” (a woman dressed like a man) fighting for the right to use the men’s room? Not much because men are predatory and they don’t want women in their spaces. We don’t hear about trans men fighting to be on men’s sports teams either because trans men would slow down the team and lose the game. This is SO OBVIOUS-- men are bigger and stronger and no one is being fooled by any of this.

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"Sex-segregated spaces were created to accommodate the needs of the different sexes. All two of them. There was no reason outside of society losing its collective mind for that to change just because we decided to protect the nonsense characteristic of 'gender.' "

Societies that allow gender expression to substitute for biological sex as the criterion for entering and using sex-segregated facilities have painted themselves and gender critical people into a corner.

In the US, at least, few acts are more socially transgressive than entering a sex-segregated space - a pubic toilet for example - that does not correspond to one's apparent sex or gender expression. The violation of what almost amounts to a taboo will cause distress to both the interloper and those present who belong to the intended sex.

Depending on local norms and the sex of the individuals whose space has been invaded, the presence of someone who looks like a member of the opposite sex - in other words, a trans individual - may lead to a confrontation that could escalate into a aggression. The trans person's experience may range from mild embarrassment to personal injury.

On the other hand, when trans people are allowed to use the same-sex facilities that correspond their gender expression the risk of violence and confrontations is considerably less. The trans person might pass, or the gender critical individuals present may feel inhibited in acting on their thoughts and emotions.

Under these circumstances, logical arguments of the kind Ms. Kurilova has framed so ably here have little or no persuasive value in a society that has accepted gender identity ideology. It is clear that society has chosen to value the maintenance of law and order and the safety and sensibilities of trans people over the feelings of gender critical individuals and others who object to the presence of trans people in spaces that do not correspond to their biological sex. Unfortunately, men are the special beneficiaries of this calculus, since trans women (i.e., men) are much more at risk of being harassed or harmed in men-only spaces than trans men (i.e. women) would be in women-only spaces.

Society is also in denial about the threats to the safety of women when biological men are allowed in women-only spaces.

Sure, authorities could mount a mutimedia public relations campaign aimed at building acceptance within the general public of the presence of trans people in sex-segregated spaces that are inconsistent with their gender expression. A cable spot might feature a drag queen using the men's restroom in a working-class bar in a red state, for example. As a practical matter, though, politicians are astute enough to know that gender identity ideology is already testing the limits of public acceptance and would not want to risk such a provocative move.

This problem seems intractable.

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