Excellent! You did it again, Eva! You cut through the crap, can even speak their crap con language, and you said! And your work should be part of a packet children are given early on in every school, to counter the pressure to destroy their lives and health.

Since I think all of us are innately Lesbian or gay, like so many other mammals, I think this queer/trans propaganda and cult actually is an attempt to destroy all Lesbian girls and adults, and all Gay boys and adults. Fuck with their minds and then destroy their bodies...

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Except for the fact that some might deem it unethical, it would be instructive to play the roaming reporter and ask queer-identified kids at the next Pride event to define "queer" and how it applies to them. Tell a 9-year-old that "queer theory at its core is about disrupting and breaking norms because it views norms as fundamentally oppressive. It has a particular focus on breaking norms around gender and sexuality to the point that mere acknowledgment of the gender binary or the prevalence of heterosexuality is verboten" and see what they say.

It would give a budding sociologist a chance to kill several birds with one stone. First would come the battle to get the proposal past the institution's ethical review board. After that would follow the struggle to find a publisher and the fight to keep the journal from retracting the piece after the inevitable backlash from "queer" activists.

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