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I was blown away when I saw Danielle Smith release her video the other day! I remember your essay about meeting her, and couldn't help thinking that you have had a small part in helping influence her to make these decisions. I just watched the video of her press conference yesterday, and I am becoming a fan (as a currently politically-homeless, formerly never-right voter). Remembering your description of how impressed you were that she seemed to know a lot about the gender issues already, but obviously wanting to get as much information from the gender critical side as possible, helped me to believe that she really does care about what's going on in the transgender world regarding children and specifically girls sports. Now if only our BC premiere could follow suit...

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I cried watching her video, I did not even know how worried I had become at a gut level until I felt that relief wash over me. In this long fight you sort of have to not think too much all the time about the harms to youth and the women in prison with terrifying creepy men and the sports cheats or you will go mad. You have to just keep steadily along anchoring yourself (and others ) to reality and good sense. To have someone in power finally have the courage to join us is huge.

It also shows what a lack of spine others at her level (koff koff Pierre Polievre) display

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Hi Eva,

I have been trying to connect with you.

I am an ex head of Project Pride (now Calgary Pride), Alberta’s 1st Gay Rodeo Queen (AGRA) and the original head of Team Calgary’s for our city’s participation in Gay Games. I am also an artist and long time activist.

I would have gladly come with you to support you through this. It’s always difficult to face a mob of angry people but you seem to handle yourself very well.

Well done and good for you for speaking out.

I have been all over these issues (the loss of women’s rights to safe spaces and fair play in sports; the silencing of voices; the erosion of freedom of speech and the attack on LG rights). Let’s get together and chat.

Let me know if you don’t have my email to contact me.

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