It's hard not to try and guess who this is about but I will refrain from doing so publicly. Two different men immediately leap to mind. I have wondered in both cases about the ex-wives and kids involved and how we never, ever, ever hear a peep about how they are doing in the fawning coverage of the special sparkle men and their special sparkle activism.

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Reading the article & please... make careful note here:

“Fearing for her and her daughter’s safety, Sally called the police. Because he had not been physical with her, there was not much the police could do.”

I’ve heard many such cases. Including one where he stabbed the wall next to her head, she phoned the police, & the responder told her “oh honey... don’t you think he’ll be more mad when he finds out you called us? We can’t do anything unless he hurts you.”

Men & women, boys & girls, the police are not your body guards. They will not come unless a crime is actively or has been committed, & even then it could be a long time.

Be careful.

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